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Wasting time on a recruitment process that isn’t getting results?

Ever got stuck in a traffic jam two minutes away from the office?

Like you can literally see the building.

This is how it feels having a recruitment process that doesn’t deliver.

You’ve wasted countless hours waiting for shortlists to come through, there’s minimal updates with feedback and you’re only left with excuses.

All while you’re left under pressure, picking up all the extra work from that gap in your team which is still not filled.

We get it.

Our Attraction Marketing campaigns engage candidates in the story of the opportunity through a marketing-led approach.

We combine an in-depth headhunt with a content led PPC campaign.

We put your story front and centre through custom video and creative copy that’s begging to be read.

Much like the style used in this fantastic email…

Best of all, we actually deliver feedback through frequent updates so that you can focus on your day job knowing there will be a successful hire within six weeks.

So, want us to fill that gap in your team and get you out of gridlock?

Get in touch to arrange a meeting to see how we can support.

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