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Very simple, we specialise in

FMCG/Consumer Goods

recruitment across roles in:

Marketing, Innovation & Sales 

Any roles involved in the commercial

delivery of your product – that’s us.

Told you it was simple


Everyone knows there’s a few bad stereotypes of your typical recruiter: Covered in glue and

rolled in Topman, drenched in Hugo Boss, BMW on finance, ready to commoditise your career

for a quick buck. Would have gone into banking but didn’t have the brains or connections…

Then there’s the marketing agency wannabees:

So, which box do we sit in?


Probably it’s the well-worn wooden one at the end of shelf that has a bit of an old-world tinge to it.

At our core, we’re traditionalists, call us old-fashioned, but recruitment will never be more or less than the art of connecting people together for mutual success. We sit in the peoples people box.

We want to connect great people to great jobs, provide a quality service and satisfy a real need. Very

much like a tasty pink ring doughnut with sprinkles on it The latest in innovation? Nope, but reliable,

hard-working and keeps you coming back for more. Hopefully, we can do that without all the pretentious ego from the Wolf of Wall Street or his Cult of Fun marketing agency cousin.

So, what’s our mission then?


If you’re a client, that means finding you the best people. If you’re a candidate, that means

presenting you with the best roles. If we nail that, it’s our belief that we will grow our business

and everyone will get to have their doughnut and eat it. 

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Contingent Recruitment 

Network search billed on successful completion.

Our well-defined industry focus has allowed us to build in-depth knowledge of our markets and strong relationships we can tap into quickly.

Attraction Marketing Campaign 

In-depth research, pro-active search with a supporting marketing campaign, billed % up front and % on completion

If you’ve had a look at our website and you’re hiring, you should ask us about our Attraction Marketing Campaigns. Why?


Is an Attraction Marketing Campaign right every time? No, of course not. But there is a certain

person, time & occasion for which a more nuanced, and attentive courtship is required.


Adam & Rich set up Consumer Hub in September 2017 in Rich’s shed in West Yorkshire.

Harry the apprentice joined us in 2019! We are out of the shed now, we've moved into an office

and are still in the thriving hotbed of industry that is Wakefield.


Richard Bennigsen



Our new office has a nicer coffee machine than Rich’s shed, unfortunately, Adam is still

a coffee Diva and won’t let anyone else play with his toy! 

(Something about a secret recipe and Rich and Harry being terrible Barristas…)

We like eating and talking about snacks almost as much as we like recruitment. So, we set up

the first FMCG recruitment Youtube channel for our Podcasting antics where

Rich & Harry get to explore all things Food, Drink and Business with our guests.

Untitled_Artwork 15.jpg

Harry runs our Podcast and smashes out the superb editing and design quality on this, which is a good job because Rich is about as tech-savvy as a vintage abacus.

Harry Gunning

Commercial Apprentice

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