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Friday Food Review

Review time!

To begin with our favourite.🤩

Soda Folk (10/10)

Blueberry Muffin flavour.🫐

Fruity and sweet taste.

Bold flavour.👀

Tastes exactly like Blueberry.

You can also get these flavours;

Cherry Soda, Root Beer and Cream Soda.🍒

Veggie Bears (8/10).

Organic Sweets.🍬

Gelatine and gluten free.

Deliciously fruity.😛

Full of various flavours.

Soft gummy texture.👌

Not chewy.

Great to snack on.😋

Baked knobbly sticks.😍

Source of fibre.

Strong Cheese flavour.🧀

Nutricious good for gut health.

Light to snack on.✨

We have also reviewed the other flavours.

You can check out on our socials.👇

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