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Friday Food Review

Let's get started!

Review roundup of the week.😋

First up we tried...


Strong Menthol Flavour.

Plastic Free Gum.

✨Rating it a 10/10.✨

Sugar free and crispy outer shell.

Other flavours we recommend trying is;

Peppermint & Spearmint.😯

Next ...

Emily Veg Thins.👅

Barbeque Flavour.

Light Healthy Snack.👌

Corn, Pea, Lentil & Bean Chips.

Delicious and soft texture.

✨Rating it a 7/10.✨

To finish off with...

Another healthy snack.👀

Bites We Love.

Crunchy Peas Dark Chocolate.🍫

Vegan and high in fibre.


✨Rating it a 8/10.✨

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