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Food Review Friday

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We reviewed two exciting drinks this week and one not so exciting snack 👀

Lets start off with the protein packed Nibble Bites.

I must point out the packaging design of Nibble.

Definitely drew us in into purchasing the low carb biscuit bites.😍

Although the texture and flavour wasn't so pleasing for us.

Rating it a 5/10

Heads up ...

There are some other flavours to look out for!

Such as:

Lemon Coconut, Orange Double Choc Brownie, Choc Choc Chip and Shortbread

Moving on to The London Essence Crafted Soda 😋

This was by far one of the best drinks we have tried.

We enjoyed the blend of the white peach and jasmine flavour.

Made for a very delicate and flavourful drink.

Bonus point...

Performs well as a mixer or a delicious low calorie drink on its own🍹

A very well executed product.

Strongly rating it a 10/10 🤩

To finish off with we finally got our hands on Prime.

How thrilling!

The Lemon Lime flavour was thirst quenching as promised 🤤

Definitely rating it a 9.5/10

Unfortunately we didn't manage to find the other flavours yet.

We just about missed out on the Blue Raspberry 🙁

We saw a lot of people walking around with it but we didn't fancy to start a fight

Hopefully next time we can grab them speedy 🏃

Before they all get OUT OF STOCK

Don't be late to miss out on our reviews!

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