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Friday Food Review

Interesting reviews this week. 😯

To start off with...

Something sweet and savoury. 👅

Crunchy thin slices. 😋

A healthy vegan snack.

Flavours of vanilla, honey and molasses. 🍯

Another flavour they do is Tantalising Chilli.

Rating it a 7/10. ✨

Next up we tried...

Mix of hibiscus flower with sweet berries.

Sweetened by organic agave. 🍬

Best to drink chilled.


Not much fruity taste to it. 😐

Bland flavour.

Rating it a 5/10.

You can also try the Black Tea With Peach flavour. 🍑

Up for review soon!

Tangy vegan sweets. 🌱

Soft jelly texture and easy to bite into.

Sweet peachy flavour. 😛

Perfect size bag to share in the office.

Delicious. 🤤

Rating it a 8/10.

Stay tuned we are reviewing next...

Biona Organic Sour Snakes. 😝

We have got our hands on them!

Links to our socials down below.👇

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