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Friday Food Review

Review of the week time!

Something sweet to start off. 🍬

Soft Gummies.

Tasty Mates Very Berry.👅

Vegan treats to share.

Rating it a 8/10.

Other flavours you can also try;

Peaches & Cream, Pear Crumble and Salted Caramel.🍐🍮

Popcorn Time!

Metcalfe's Sweet & Salt.🧂

Sharing bag for the office.

Gluten Free and Vegan.🌱


Rating it a 6/10.

96 Kcal per bag.

Variety of flavour combinations;

Sea Salt, Cinema Sweet and Caramel Toffee Apple.🍏

To get your hands on.

Finally we tried...

Koikeya Wasabi Nori.😋

Nori Seaweed flavour.

Authentic Flavours.😍

Soft and sharp.

NO1 Japanese potato chips.1️⃣

Spicy Seasoning.

Definately recommend trying.🤝

Ratings for this snack an 8/10.

Not to forget...

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