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Food Review Friday

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Some NEW product reviews going down in the office this week 🆕

How exciting!

Let's start off with the NEW Green Cola 🟢

Interesting Fun Fact (Life Changing, Perception Altering, Mind Blowing...)

Did you know it includes green coffee beans ? 🫘🫘🫘🫘

Yes natural caffeine 🤩

Making it a healthier cola option for you to try out!

Now you know why it's named Green Cola 😊

I must say it tastes similar to Pepsi than Cola.

And Pepsi is my all time favourite 😋

It's a great alternate natural caffeinated drink.

Giving it a 9/10 ⭐

Moving on to the NEW Lewis Hamilton X Monster.

✨Limited Edition✨

Another refreshing caffeinated drink we tried.

Infused with stone fruits 🍑

The sweet peach and tangy mango taste hit through.

✨With every sip✨

Best out of fridge.

The colder the better 🧊

Highly recommend trying out as its delicious.

Definitely one of the best energy drinks we have tried 👀

Grab yours before it's gone.

Strongly rating it a 10/10 ⭐

Finally to go along with our afternoon cup of Teas

We tried the NEW Lemon Lime Jaffa Cakes

Perfect combination of the light sponge cakes with dark chocolate 🍫

With a slight hint of lemon 🍋

But tasted more of the lime citrus flavour

✨With every bite✨

Also best dipped with tea ☕

Making our teatime perfect

However it can't beat the original Jaffa cakes 🍊

So I'd give it a 8/10


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