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Food Review Friday

This week we had our hands on some exciting snacks to review !

We tried the NEW Real Handful Air nuts 🥜

So Deliciously Crispy with a Light Texture.

With a variety of flavours you can get 🤩

Cheese & Onion, Sea Salted, Sweet & Salty, Hot Chilli and BBQ

Yummy 😋

The seasoning made it an 8/10

Next up...

Celebrating Happy Pancake Day! 🥞

We picked out some weird and tasty toppings.

Yes you heard 😲

Weird toppings too.

We tried Gravy (THE WORST TOPPING) no rating needed 🤢

Cheese was surprisingly not too bad 5/10.

VS the tasty toppings we tried 🤤

Blueberry Preserve and Whippy Cream (THE WINNER)

A strong 10/10 🫐

The next best ...

Ice cream with Chocolate Sauce and Mini Fudge Bites 🍨

Delicious but sickening.

When eating too much rating it a 9/10

Also we started the hunt for the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich.

You've been waiting for PART 1

The crisps combination of;

Curvies BBQ, Monster Munch Giants and Max Strong Hot Sauce Blaze 😍

ALL 3 NEW crisps combo to try out.

Ratings for this particular sandwich;

Flavour 8/10 ,Texture 7.5/10 , Overall Sandwichability 7/10 and the Mess -6/10

Overall rating 28.6

To finish off something Sweet but Sour

UK and US battle of sweets.

Sour Patch🇺🇸 VS Sour Squirms🇬🇧

Sour Patch kids was sweet and chewy.

Rating it a 6/10.

But not as sour as the Sour Squirms😝

Sour squirms came in variety of flavours.

Fizzy coating and soft texture gave more flavour than Sour Patch.

So our favourite was a close one 😬


The winner has to be Sour Squirms.🍬😝

We'd give it a 7/10

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