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Food Review Friday

You guessed it. 😄

Once again...

Review time!

To start off with...

The Weekly Hunt for the Ultimate Crisp Sandwich. 🥪

Part 3 is now on!

Crisps combination of;

NEW Curvies BBQ, NEW Max Strong Prawn Cocktail and Popworks Sweet & Salty.😋

Ratings for this particular sandwich;

Flavour 7/10, Texture 6/10, Overall Sandwichability 6.3/10 and the Mess -6.3/10.

Overall rating 25.6.

Next up...

Protein Time!

We tried the Grounded Chocolate Milkshake. 🍫

Delightfully smooth.

With creamy coconut milk texture.

100% Vegan. 🥛

Definately giving it a 10/10.

Other flavours they do is Mint Chocolate flavour. 🤩

Did you know the carton is made by plants?

Yes... Planet organic shakes. 🌱

Shop now and grab yours now!

To finish off...

Battle of American VS British Chocolates time!

Butterfinger like a subsidairy of Ferrero. 😯

Layerd with peanut butter.

Generous crumbly consistency made it the winner 🎉

Rating it a 9/10

Was a close one with Crunchie Rocks 😮

The honeycomb melting in your mouth.

Very crunchy and hard to bite. 😬

But deliciously sweet.

Giving it a strong 7/10. 👀

So American Chocolate wins the battle this time round.

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