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Friday Food Review

Let's get started.😁

Reviews going down in the office this week!

First up...

Yaar Bars.

Double Chocolate Nordic Yoghurt Bar.🍫

Creamy & cheesecake texture.

Great healthy snack.👅

Variety of other flavours to try out;

Cloudberry, Strawberry & Vanilla.🍓🌺🌼

Delicious and fullfilling to grab on the go.

Rating it a 7/10.✨

Next up.

We snacked on.👀

The NEW Terry's Mini's Biscuit Chocolate Orange.

Morerish flavoured bites.😋


Hit of Orangey chocolate taste.🍊

Crunchy biscuit bits.

Perfect for sharing and dipping in tea.👌

Who doesn't love a Terry's Chocolate?

Definitley recommend 10/10.🤩

To finish off...

Tenzing sent us some samples to try out.😄

Pineapple & Passionfruit.


Apple & Seaberry.

Natural Caffeinated Energy Drink.🥤

So refreshing.

Made from plants and low calorie.🌱

Energizing drink giving an extra boost

Other flavours they do are;

Original, Raspberry & Yuzo and Blackberry & Acai.🫐

7/10 rating.

Get onto their website and purchase your bundle.👍

Make sure to follow us for more food reviews.

Links to our socials down below.👇

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