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Friday Food Review

More snacks going down in the office this week.❗️

First up...

Easter Day Special. 🐣

NEW Mini Easter Eggs reviews.

How Egg'citing.🥚

Milky Bar Mini Eggs - 7/10.

A great treat with a creamy taste. 😛

Tough hard outer shell to bite into.

Smarties Mini Eggs - 8/10.

Colourful and Crispy.

With sweet flavour taste. 🍬

Galaxy Creamy Truffle Mini Eggs - 9/10.

So smooth. 👀

Silky Chocolate Coating.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Mini Eggs - 9/10.

Chunks of Daim scattered in the filling.

Great taste of Almond and Caramel. 🍮

Ferrero Crispy Mini Eggs - 10/10.

Delicious Wafer Hazelnut filling. 🌰

Smothered in Milk Chocolate.

Next up we tried...

Brite Drink Raspberry Mint - 5/10.

Natural nootropic Raspberry drink .🥤

Plant based made with superfoods.

Not much flavour very bland. 🙂

You can also get them in other flavours.

Pineapple & Mango and Blueberry Verbena.🫐

To finish off we snacked on...

Good Guys Peppered Biscuit Bites - 7/10.

Biscuit Walfer Melts.

Cheesy & Peppered flavour. 😋

Light and yummy.

You can also try the chedder flavour. 🧀

Mouthwatering savoury snack for the office.

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