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More Trees Please

Ey up,

We’ve got something to share,

On our GreenTheUK project.

The planting is done!

News update.

So far…

800 trees have been planted across the UK.

To be precise.

385 in North Yorkshire.


415 in West Yorkshire.

All having a positive impact on supporting local wildlife.

Fun Fact…

In North Yorkshire the owners are converting a spruce plantation.

Building resilience against climate change.

Helping to protect against pests and diseases,

And improving the woodland for local wildlife.

Did you know…

One type of tree has been replaced with a mix of native broadleaf species.

This is to benefit wildlife and trees.

Providing a sustainable source of fuel for the on-site biomass boiler.

You can check out our case study on GreenTheUK website.

Click, click, click.

Go on, go and have an explore.

Keep your eyes peeled,

As our project progresses.

Proud to say…

Being In partnership with GreenTheUK and the Royal Forestry Society.

Our support has allowed.

Climate resilient treescapes for the future to be created.

These trees will increase each woodland’s resilience.

To pests, diseases, and climate change.

Improving biodiversity and carbon sequestration.

To be continued…

For now, check out the links below.

Make sure to follow us on our socials.

You’ll be the first to be updated on every step of the journey.

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