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Naked Attraction

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Seen that program on channel 4?

When it comes to recruitment,

Get naked now.

I'm talking about managing expectations upfront.

Getting it all out there first.

And you'll have a cleaner result later down the line.


Here are three tips on how to undress your business,

and run smoother recruitment processes.


If you've got a candidate just above the salary banding,

don't progress them unless you absolutely know for sure you'll get sign off. There's no point taking them through two or even three stages. And don't even think about low balling them.


In todays day and age, hybrid means home-based with the expectation of two or three visits to site a week. Don't call a role hybrid if you're going to put in the contract site-based with a days discretion from home. Candidates will worry later down the line they'll be forced to become fully office based. And you'll lose that trust built up over the hiring process. Whilst hybrid working can open up the potential candidate pool, there are lots of people out there that prefer site-based working. Be honest from the beginning when outlining the expectations.


Be up-front about your culture with candidates. Is it a hustlers culture? Sporadic. Dogged. Groundwork around the clock. Or is it more of a family business feel? Warm accounts, good work-life balance. 3pm finishes on a Friday. Neither is better than the other.

They just appeal to different people. Be honest about your culture from the start, and you'll attract the right candidate first time.

Even if you do get that hire over the line, you'll probably lose them in a years time. Wasting your investment in that hire. We appreciate it sounds obvious. But you'd be surprised how many don't do this, and end up wasting time & money re-recruiting.

Leaving candidates upset at the shambles.

If you get it all out there now,

And manage expectations upfront,

You'll attract the right candidate that you want.

Want someone to present your naked attraction for you?

Drop us a note.

Consumer Hub recruits consumer roles withing food, drink and consumer goods within both the UK and USA.

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