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Do you want to save your business money?

Ey up, your friendly neighbourhood recruiter here. 👋

I want to save you money. WHAT!?

Doesn't sound like a very successful way to run a recruitment business, does it? Well, we want you to save you cash, because we appreciate, at the minute, there's going to be budget cuts everywhere.

So here are our top three tips for recruiting internally.

Tip 1: Tap into your own network.

Whether it's through LinkedIn, Current/Ex Colleagues or Friends, get the conversation going. Have you got an employee referral scheme in place? You never know, someone somewhere might know somebody...

Tip 2: Write a job advert.

It'd surprise you how many companies don't write a job advert. Copying and pasting a job description, isn't going to engage a candidate. Tell the story, sell the opportunity - help the candidate understand what this role could do for their career.

P.S, want to know what an engaging job advert looks like? Read some of ours here:

Tip 3: Use your LinkedIn advert.

Everyone gets one free. It's a great way to pull in active candidates.

BONUS TIP: After three days, pull that job advert down, then repost it. LinkedIn stops showing it to people after about that time, so this will ensure you keep getting lots of fresh applicants.

However, if these top tips don't work, and that process starts to drag, you might find the cost of recruitment too much on your time, focus and energy.

We can help you out.

We love filling gnarly, tough-to-fill roles. Almost as much as we love donuts. We'll get you ideas fast, saving you time, money and pain.

After all, we do this day-after-day.

EAT, SLEEP, RECRUIT, REPEAT. Not sick of it yet somehow.

Then you can focus on what you do best, to continue delivering for your customers.

Got a recruitment project you need an extra pair of eyes on? Drop us a note. 🍩

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