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Long hiring windows damaging your employer brand?

Ever ordered in a restaurant before the table next to you and they get theirs faster?

This is how candidates are left feeling about a drawn-out recruitment process.

We’re seeing FMCG companies running hiring processes over a period of months only to be left with a dish of candidates that have gone cold…

And let’s face it in this current candidate-led market you’ve got to move quick to keep them warm.

Here’s where we can help.

With one of our attraction marketing campaigns you can lock in your time retained with us and we’ll get you a shortlist of engaged candidates within two weeks.


Using bespoke video content, custom advertisements and top-notch creative copywriting across a pay-per-click campaign combined with a targeted headhunt.

We’ll run a smooth recruitment process with frequent communication throughout.

Best of all the candidates involved in the process will leave as ambassadors for your business.

Now then, should we get you seated and served first?

Drop me a line to book a meeting, I’d love to understand how we can help.

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