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Donut shop in Brighton created the first HFSS compliable donut. 🥦

We love donuts. Who doesn’t? 🍩

Hence why we branded our entire business around a pink one.

(There is a link to FMCG in there we promise)

The only issue is 🤔

As you may imagine

Enriched dough deep fried in fat and then topped or filled with sugar

Is never going to be healthy

And baked donuts are never the same ❌

In fact, that’s not a donut that’s a bad cake

We’d rather have all the calories and at least have it taste good

That was until now

Ex-CEO of Graze Anthony Fletcher has opened a shop in Brighton

Urban Legend – fitting as that’s what we’d say about a healthy donut 💡



An Urban Legend

But they’ve managed to pull off a 150 calorie donut

Which is supposed to replicate the taste and texture 😋

Of it’s full fat and sugar cousin

Through some pretty clever science

Using next generation bakery kit 🔬

With natural sugars found in things like pears & melons

Urban Legend’s are made at a specially built factory, where they are ‘set’ with steam 💨

Before a micro layer of fat is deposited on them to mimic the taste and texture of fried doughnuts.

Sounds crazy but these “lab” donuts could be the future if they taste as good as they look 🧪

And it could really start something within the Food and Drink industry

In fact the technology and change could be monumental

Especially with all the HFSS legislation coming in ⚠️

The first shop is in Brighton with pickup options available 🚶‍♀️

Although the website states London and South East stores could be inbound

Postal options are being looked at but aren’t available yet 📦

Which we are hoping will be soon as we’re quite far away from Brighton

What do you think about these? Too good to be true?

If you’re near Brighton and go try these, let us know how they taste!

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