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On-Shelf Brand Vs Employer Brand

Your on-shelf brand isn’t the same as your employer brand,

And poorly run recruitment processes disengage candidates. ❌

They’re not going to wait around. 🧍

At the minute the market is so candidate led,

They’ve already got five businesses after them before they even know about your opportunity. 🤯

And your on-shelf product brand isn’t enough to make people want to work there. 🛒

It isn’t enough these days for employees to care about what other people think of the brands they work for when making small talk around the BBQ.

You’ve got to improve your employer brand to really get people engaged. ✅

As well as offering real benefits to get the best talent on board. 🚣‍♀️

Improve your employer brand,

Attract the best talent,

And build killer teams that’ll grow your business. 📈

You’ll even save money in recruitment fees in the long-term. 🤝🏼

Drop us a note to see how we can help with that. 🍩

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