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How to Successfully be a Celebrity

Roll out the red carpets,

The paparazzi following you everywhere you go. 📸

Messages from recruiters, talent acquisition and hiring managers,

We get it, being in the spotlight must be tough. 😫

Companies are growing, hiring, lots of new jobs, lots of opportunity…

So, what’s the problem? 🤷‍♂️

Every business wants to offer you a job.

So how do you manage the fame? 💃

When surrounded by the flashing cameras and opportunities,

It can be easy to be bedazzled with interviews and processes. 💥

The last thing you want is to be left feeling like Chris Rock at the Oscars…

Here’s our top 4️⃣ tips to bossing interviews and managing your search:

1. Keep your options open, you may really want a particular role but make sure you’re in a few processes just in case that one doesn’t land. 🛬

2. However, saying this, don’t go crazy. Pick your two or three top opportunities, no more than that so you don’t get overwhelmed. 🏃

3. Don’t take the Will Smith – yes companies want you, but don’t exploit the fact salaries are up compared to last year – you wouldn’t want to count yourself out of long-term development for short-term dollar. 💸

4. Check out Consumer Hub’s YouTube channel and watch the videos in the ‘candidate branding’ and ‘interview preparation’ playlists. 🤳

That last point is particularly important.

If you would like any help managing your fame, interview processes or are interested in any current opportunities we’re recruiting (we think we'd also make a great acting agency too), get in touch! 📲

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