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The Value of Marketing

The last year and a half has been really tough for everyone,

But in the FMCG industry we know it has been especially tough for marketeers.

When the lockdown struck, and businesses panicked.

Staff were still needed in the factories to make the product,

And salespeople were still needed to sell it.

Meanwhile, marketing teams were struck the worst with redundancies,

Being tough for marketeers to back up their value with statistics.

From the top they were seen as an extra cost with no tangible returns to boast about,

Whilst salespeople had numbers and figures to back their performance up.

We think these businesses made a mistake,

And boy they’ve realised it.

From a recruitment perspective we’ve seen a massive drive in marketing recruitment.

In fact, 80% of the roles we’ve been working on have been marketing as a bit of insight for you.

Clearly the value of marketing was conspicuous in its absence:

- Great product, but a lack of communication to tell the world about it.

- A brilliant NPD team, but lack of consumer insight to let them know what’s on trend.

- Opportunity for a brand awareness promotional campaign, but no one to activate it.

So, what’s next for your business?

How are you going to invest in your brands, your insight, your innovation and your comms?

If you want help attracting top FMCG marketing talent to your business, get in touch and drop Richard Bennigsen a line to book in a meeting for more information.

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