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High Fat, Salt & Sugar soon to become Low Front-of-Store, Showcasing & Sales?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Coming Autumn 2022

You’ve all seen it’s on the way

The HFSS big ad switch-off ❌

Soon there are going to be restrictions on advertising HFSS products

Such as no more online advertising of these foods 🍔

Plus not being able to advertise on TV before the watershed

This is in addition to big restrictions on in-store promotions 💻

So two parties are going to be impacted by this

Advertising companies and the HFSS brands

One will lose a load of business and revenue 📉

The other a key way to communicate with it’s customers

This is all a part of the government’s obesity clampdown ⏳

But here’s some food for thought questions:

Is it fair on the two impacted parties?

How does this impact sponsorship of sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup? ⚽

Should we just be allowed to make our own choices?

Would not seeing a Junk Food advert before 9pm stop you going? 🕘

Would not seeing a bag of sweets at the end of a till stop you buying one? – I guess there’s an argument for impulse decision making on this one but you may burn a few extra calories walking to the back of the store… 🚶‍♂️

Some may say hiding them doesn’t get rid of them

I’m sure HFSS companies would say one donut never made anyone fat 🍩

But then again do we need a fast food outlet every mile?

As well as delivery apps that make it as simple as a couple of clicks

Eliminating needing to get yourself up to go get food all together

It's crazy really when you think about it, smart business, but crazy. 🤯

One thing’s for certain

Brands and businesses are going to have to get creative 🎨

To keep customers and consumers up-to-date about their new innovations

With the new restrictions only a year away

It’s time for thinking caps to go on for sure! 🧢

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