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Should You Settle Down After University?

I get it

This blog doesn't exactly sound like its about careers

But it is

We'll get to that

So you've finished Uni

Fresh faced, 1st in your hand and ready to take on the world of work


Hungover, a 2:1, way too much debt and jobhunting for anywhere that'll give you a chance

Depends how your degree went I guess

Each to their own no judging here

Just please don't have done Media studies...

Then we will judge you


(not joking)

But you smash it out the park and land that grad role

Full of energy you blink and you're two years in and have seen multiple promotions

You're smashing it out the park

Given a load of new responsibilities

Blinded by the bright lights of success

Fancy car, new build house and a gorgeous partner of course

The world is your oyster


And this is a BIG but (cheeky)

You have a sudden realisation this isn't what you want to do

However swapping job roles, moving to a new location or even changing industries all together

That is going to require you to go back to the very beginning

Where it all started

Back to "tea maker" again

That means back to the tea maker wages

Or completly uprooting and moving across the country

Goodbye fancy car, and that morgage is tying you down

That will limit your future job role options

Do you take that step back and move to that role you're really interested in

That's your dream role right?

Or carry on down this path which you know you don't like

Keep the car, house, stay in the same location and carry on down that route?

Truly I don't know the answer

I haven't even finished my degree yet

I'm an apprentice

Still live at home

So really have no qualification or experience to be talking on this matter

Why am I even writing this blog?

I've seen it happen.

Maybe, and this is just a maybe, a bit of a slower start on buying that house, commiting to the location, job role is an advantage.

Taking your time to make sure that you definitely want to hit it for the long term could be a real advantage.

People say renting is dead money

But who knows what they want to do after their qualifications

So maybe its not such a bad idea for a couple of years

until you've figured stuff out

Incase you do spot that dream role

You've got no ties keeping you where you are

So what's stopping you other than yourself?

I guess the moral of the story is there is no right answer

But maybe something to think about

Settling down too soon could dictate your career path before its even properly started

Told you this would be about careers in the end

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