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Winning On Your 1st Stage Zoom Call


Your CV is class

Well written, a plateful of experience & overflowing with achievements

You’ve landed yourself a bucketload of interviews

Hiring managers chomping at the bit to get you onboard

So, you stroll into your first stages full of confidence

What you absolutely want to avoid is undoing all your hard work

Don’t be too casual about first stages

One thing we’ve learnt from a lot of recruitment processes

Sometimes confidence can be the killer

It’s never a chat

Yes it’s relaxed, yes it’s casual, yes they’re judging you on fit


It’s still an actual interview!

So, you always need to be selling yourself

And you always need to prep

Here’s three easy steps on how you can win on your 1st stage zoom call

1. Check your tech – make sure your laptop works, figure out how to use the online chat software you’ll be using (teams, zoom etc) – even do a test run with someone you know, and have a backup in case something doesn’t work on the day, say your phone if the laptop fails. Nothing makes a hiring manager doubt you won’t be able to do the job like failing to work a pc.

2. Understand what they do – nothing worse than not having an answer to this. Check the website, understand the products and we would advise even visiting a store to see them in person, in a supermarket and the concept/experience they’re trying to market with it.

3. Build alignment, this is even more important considering we currently aren’t meeting face to face – Prepare some great questions that build alignment between you and the line manager, the worst thing you can do is say no when they ask if you have any questions, you need to show interest in them, the business and build alignment to give you the best shot at a second stage. – shameless plug here but check out our interview prep series on YouTube to learn about the right questions to ask:

Do these three things and you won’t go far wrong

If you got the interview in the first place your CV must be good

Now you just need to deliver

Go and smash it.

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