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A job ad with no salary is not all doom and gloom...

🙄 I know, I know. Applying for a role with no clue about the salary is frustrating – especially when the banding is miles off what you’re looking for.

👉 But what if I told you that a hidden salary is actually a good thing?

The way a company talks about its salary says a lot about its work ethic and culture.

If they’re happy to display the salary, you might think that’s a good thing. But these companies are less likely to deviate from this banding, so there’s little room for negotiation.

Whereas the roles with a hidden pay packet can allow for the banding to be flexed depending on the right candidate. When there’s no fixed salary range, you’re able to show that you’re worth more.

🤔 But also ask yourself whether a hidden salary would be enough to prevent you from applying, especially if the role sounds right up your street.

No displayed salary is unlikely to prevent you from applying, and it just gives you leverage to negotiate a higher pay scale in the interview.

👏 See. Not all doom and gloom.

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