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Salary Bandings - to show or not to show?

🤑 I’m sure we all have opinions on whether salary bandings should be shown on job listings or not.

Yes, being transparent on adverts is a time saver for you and the candidate and avoids any awkward exchanges in salary expectations.

If your banding and the desires of the candidate match – then great. You’ve set the tone by being honest and open about what the package offers and as a result, found a candidate that fits naturally.

🤔 But what about when you can’t (or won’t) share insights into the salary?

Some businesses will include banding so broad that almost everyone would fall into it, and that helps nobody.

Others may prefer the organic discussion with candidates by leaving the salary hidden. This way, you can leverage with the candidate and negotiate a salary you’re both satisfied with (you could even save money this way).

The best thing you can do is to lean into flexible pay and showcase it as a benefit to the candidate.

Emphasise that you work differently and take each candidate as they come, which is why the package is fixed (car allowance, pension, bonus etc) but the base salary is up for discussion.

😇 The candidate will feel valued and appreciated that their skillset is being assessed on a personal level and not just whether they fall into a bracket or not.

Try this next time you’re on the hunt for a new candidate – it could be mutually beneficial.

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