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CV stories

When it comes to CVs, stories and numbers are critical.

So if your applicants are falling short of the mark, perhaps your job listing isn’t painting a strong enough picture.

You need to make sure you’re upfront with what an ideal candidate would look like to your business.

Show the candidate your growth story and your numbers. Give them information like what you’d expect from their CVs. Create a sense of mutual benefit from the hiring process.

The best talent on the market will want to work somewhere with a compelling story, so make sure you tell it and sell it.

Don’t forget to tell them the all-important information – the salary package. After all, that’s why we all work, right?

If huge personal wins, accolades and cash are on the cards, shout it from the rooftops.

Put yourself in their shoes – are you writing what you’d want to hear?

If so, expect the crème de la crème to find its way into your business.

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