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Friday Food Review

Its Vegan snacks this week. 🌱

Howdah (8/10).

Indian Snack. 🇮🇳

Onion Bhaji flavour.

Very crunchy. 😛

Full of Zingy Spices.

Plant based. 🪴

Tastes like a Bombay Mix.

Sensational. 😍


Abakus (5/10). ✨

Seaweed Crisps.

Sweet Chilli flavour. 🌶


Light snack. 😋


Tastes like seafood. 🌊

To finish off with...

Mrs Crimbles (7/10). 👀


Choc and Coconut flavour.🍫🥥

Vegan friendly.

Soft and moist. 😋

Gluten free.

Fresh taste.👌

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