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Friday Food Review

Light Snacks this week.😀

To start off with (1 OF YOUR 5 A DAY).

Wallaroo Mango Slices.🥭

Sweet flavour.

Chewy and healthy dried fruit.😋

✨Rating it a 9/10.✨

Stay tuned for our review on...

Wallaroo Pineapple Chunks.🍍

Next up we tried...

Good 4 you Salted Caramel Protein Balls.😛

Chewy Seed and Fruits.

Soft texture.🤩

Nutritious Snack.

Gluten and Nut free.🌰

✨Rating it a 6/10.✨

Finally the plant based snack...

Good & Honest.

We reviewed two flavours;

Popped Sweet Chilli flavour.🌶

✨Rating it a 10/10.


Popped Sweet BBQ flavour.😍

✨Rating it a 9/10.

Source of Protein.

Light texture.👀

Full of flavour with every bite.

A healthy Vegan snack.👍

You can also try...

Popped Veggie Sour Cream & Protein Sweet BBQ.😁

Up for reviews soon!

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